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Custom Automation Equipment & Tooling Manufacture

Cambridge Dynamics Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of custom automation equipment with a full range of in-house capabilities that extend to precision jig and tool manufacture. The company was incorporated in 1978 and has been growing and developing its skills, expertise and technology ever since.

Originator of the SOHMAX design 

Cambridge Dynamics Limited, the first company to arrive at the Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate in Huntingdon, is an Engineering, Design and Manufacturing company providing a high quality service with a firm policy of using British components whenever practical.

With the ever present industrial priority of “Automate or Stagnate” it is no longer possible in a competitive world to accept “off the shelf” machines adapted to different applications. Today it is vital to obtain every advantage from the wealth of technology available and to invest in machinery designed for a specific purpose. Unlike most other small/medium engineering companies, Cambridge Dynamics offers this service.

A complete engineering facility from initial machine concept and design, through manufacture, assembly, testing, finishing and delivery to commissioning at the customer’s works.

A team of design engineers covering mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic disciplines provides a wealth of engineering expertise and experience. This is applied using the latest CAD/CAM technology to provide fully featured 3D assemblies, reducing manufacturing time as well as assembly errors. This, together with back-up from highly skilled manufacturing engineers with modern machinery and equipment, enable a wide range of industrial requirements to be considered.

A very important service is offered to sales organizations who regularly import machines from abroad for resale but who would prefer to “Buy British”.

We also offer a range of fume & dust extraction equipment under the trade name of  Defuma

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Cambridge Dynamics Ltd. is the parent Company of the DEFUMA brand.

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Clear Leaders in Air Filtration Technology

Defuma is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dust and fume extraction systems, providing solutions to meet any industrial or commercial requirement. We offer the complete solution to tackling your dust, fume and vapour pollution problems – from the supply and hire of ready-to-use products and equipment through to expert consultancy, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of systems. We also provide a wide range of associated products such as filters, fans and hoses through to workplace screening and personal protection equipment.